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Rachel's Bio

Growing up in a Catholic School, I?ve definitely learned the importance of caring for others. Most of my classmates had been with me for eight years, bringing out the good and bad in everybody. While nobody is perfect, I like to believe that I have done a good job as a member of the community and the Church.

I?ve always tried to keep active in volunteer work and extracurricular activities. When I was younger the children?s choir was important to me for years. I couldn?t do it forever, but I was glad to have done it for a while. In sixth grade I began to think about volunteer work, especially seeing the upperclassmen working for service hours. One of my good friends and I began to go to the public library after school to help the librarians with projects for the little kids. It was fun going to the library, but school work and other things caught up with mine and my friends? schedule.

The summer before seventh grade was when I decided to combine my love of animals with volunteer work. The summer volunteer program at Capron Park Zoo was one of the best summers I can remember. It still felt good giving back to the community, even in small ways like explaining facts to visitors. Sadly it was only a summer program, so I couldn?t stay all year. However, my current hobby is volunteering at the animal shelter. It?s a great way to give back and help give animals a new home and a loving family.

I am grateful now to start a new year as part of the Feehan family, especially when the Youngs are so kind to give an opportunity like his one to students with a love of art. I hope to have a great four years of high school, starting with being able to thank Mr. and Mrs. Young for this scholarship. Thanks you.

Art By Rachel